CHORD's projects answer questions such as:  

  • What markets are most attractive for new products?
  • What product profile(s) will have the best chance of success in each market?  
  • What can be done to create and maintain product value and differentiation?
  • What launch strategies will drive a product to achieve maximum adoption?  
  • What is optimal pricing given the market, value proposition, reimbursement and company goals?
  • How should the product be presented to each audience to clearly communicate its value?


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Chord Consulting

Helping innovative companies drive step-change improvements in healthcare


Ellen Goldberg is Founder and President of CHORD Consulting.  She has focused her career on developing and commercializing ground-breaking technologies in life-threatening and life-altering diseases.  As Vice President of Marketing at Crescendo Bioscience, she launched Vectra™ DA, a multi-biomarker blood test which enhances disease assessment and enables reduced progression in rheumatoid arthritis. At Genomic Health (NASDAQ: GHDX), she launched the Oncotype DX® Breast Cancer Assay, a standard of care test which now helps over 70,000 women globally determine their need for chemotherapy.  While there, she also led commercial planning for pipeline products in DCIS, colon cancer, and prostate cancer, all now commercialized.

Ellen began her career as a strategy consultant with Booz Allen & Hamilton and developed new therapeutics and drug delivery products at ALZA Corporation.  Ellen has an MS in Chemistry and an MBA from Stanford University and a BS in Chemistry from Yale University.

With an aging population, physician shortages, and ever-increasing costs, incremental improvements in healthcare are not enough.  Recent advances, including low-cost gene sequencing, enable true breakthroughs with significant benefits for patients, physicians, payers and the healthcare system as a whole. Grasping these opportunities requires a new mindset and something well beyond business as usual.

CHORD Consulting provides marketing and product strategy consulting to innovative start-ups driving step-change improvements in healthcare.  CHORD’s expertise includes defining target product profiles with strong value propositions to enable adoption and reimbursement; performing expert research to ensure products meet market needs and have buy-in; and creating strategies and tactics for successful commercialization.

  • Market overviews and assessments                 
  • Product profiles and assessments                              
  • Product strategy
  • Data generation and publication planning
  • Competitive assessment
  • Market research
  • Launch plans
  • CEO and investor advisory
  • Investor and BOD presentations